Welcome to my blog! 

I’m a young woman who strives to classy – yet clean. Now what does that mean to me? 

To me living my best life is living with my world in mind: wasting less plastic, less pollution, less toxins. 
I believe in less waste, zero-waste, minimalism, decluttering and caring about my planet. 
I try to live wastefree when I can and give tips, tricks and inspiration to others who care for the Earth as well! However beauty is also very close to my heart – and wastefree beauty is not only a possibility, but a need in my life! 

My day-to-day at the moment is my college, my job as a model for the agency Le Management, volunteer work with homeless people, Twitch streaming, blogging and researching what I can about beauty and living zerowaste. All the things that makes me happy! There’s so much I love: Cooking, travelling, decorating, self-pampering, cleaning, fashion, taking photos and otherwise getting ideas and being creative! And my blog will – if all goes well – contain a little bit of all of those! So whether you’re a happy camper when it comes to makeup or just love seeing photos of our beautiful, learning how to care for your environment or maybe just love a little cleaning-insposesh, then you’ll find a bit of it all right here!