Food, Health

Let’s talk: Health

What’s health to you? Health seems to differ from every single person, whether it’s daily running or maybe just staying in and taking care of your basic needs? Health, to me, is how well (or unwell) we are mentally and physically. Basically, are we fit for fight with our bodies and our minds?

I wanted to share some of the tips I love the most for the food department this time, because I could talk health for much longer, but I actually want to make my blog posts are little shorter, more specific and more picture heavy!


As for food, I’m very much a foodie, however that also means that I’ve loved a huge variety of vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood. In fact I like almost everything!
I recently started eating for more vegetarian, flexitarian and even vegan food. I’m neither, I’m still an omnivore, but I do like to limit my meat intake on the daily monday – friday to both reduce carbon print, try new things (lots of vegan alternatives are actually even yummier to me!) and because of health reasons. It’s far easier to eat healthy, when plants are your only option.

(pictured: salad with asperegus and strawberries, lemon salmon and avocado)

Tip 1: Have it look delicious!

This tip is number 1, because to me it’s actually my best one, if you do struggle to get down your veggies and healthy. Healthy food can be bland and boring but it doesn’t have to be, and we KNOW that humans also like to ‘eat with their eyes’. Meaning – your brain will tell you the food tastes nicer, simply because it looks so. If you’re curious about there’s an article here:

How to make food look tastier and prettier? Citrus fruits, colourful fruits in salads, adding delicious herbs are my favorite things to do to make bland food good again! Try adding colourful foods that’s red or green to anything you eat that may be brown or dark yellow (colours that aren’t really delicious to the eyes). Serve it pretty and enjoy!

(pictured: vegan burger with portobello mushroom buns, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, vegan replacement meat and veggies)

Tip 2: Be hungry – but don’t ever starve!

I don’t believe it’s dangerous to feel hungry an hour or to before your next meal, in fact I think it’s healthy to let the body know that it’s soon time for food but also, in a world where food is so easily avielable, are we every really truely hungry? Hungry isn’t necessary a bad feeling, it’s a perfectly natural one that tells us that the fuel has been used up and it’s time to refill the body.
But on that exact same note on listening to your body do NOT starve yourself! If you eat nothing all day and come home for dinner, you’re naeseus, tired, your belly is rumbeling and maybe even hurting, you’re starving for food. What do you do? To big mistakes: You grab the quickest and unhealthiest food, and the other mistake is you eat far, far too much. You feel like you could eat a horse, and you might just try, instead of slowing down and enjoying the food. They key to good eating habits are: Eat slow, enjoy food and choose good quality food.



(pictured: Vegetarian meat in tomato-sauce with carrots, onion and spinach fettucine. Also put on vegan cheese later)

Tip 3

Quit the diet – it’s a lifestyle

A diet suggests that at one point we’ll stop eating “boring, healthy food” and work out two hours a day and ‘finally’ eat how you want again. Let me tell you, this never works. Eat – with love and in moderation. Have the cup – but don’t have 5. Moderation is key and you can eat anything you want, so long as you mind how much. And sometimes you just have an off day, but don’t let it kick you off because you’ve “ruined your diet”. If it’s lifestyle you just pick yourself back up tomorrow morning, because it’s a new day, after-all!