CURVY LOOKBOOK – Day 2 Night Budget-Friendly Summer Outfits

Important notice: This two clothing pieces are items I’ve received for free in a collaboration with an online clothing brand. However, I’m only supposed to post sponsor-shop items on my facebook page, and this is therefore NOT a sponsor-post and I’m not asked to do this, but genuinely like these clothing items, as I’ve picked them myself during the sponsorship. However, to further my case, unless asked, I won’t list the sponsor items, but rather insert “look-a-likes” for you to buy. Enjoy!


Look #1 Summer day time look

Outfit details
Shirt: Sponsored
Shorts: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Not pictured, but black flats from Target

Perfect outfit for breezy summer days – oh, who am I kidding. It’s really, really hot all over the world at the moment, and heatwaves have been striking, but who doesn’t want to still try and be cute while sporting that unwilling sweat-session? As awful yet positive as it sounds, I have to admit that this shirt nicely hides how much I’ve been sweating when worn. The material just doesn’t change to this odd colour – oh, we all know. However the smell? Only deodorant, showers and perfume can conceal that!

I decided to pair it with blue shorts to keep everything nice, bright and light, but also breezy and curve-friendly. The shorts hug my thighs and the shirt is very flattering, however for me, just a tad bit too low-cut, but that’s all a preference, and I’m very much a no-cleveage-kinda-girl. I love the ability to really give yourself a nice waist with the bow around the waist. Cute and girly touch that does good things for a curvy body.



Look #2 Night Time Summer Look

Outfit details:

Dress: Sponsored


Purse: Michael Kors


I know – Budget friendly and Michael Kors? Hear me out! I invest in my bags because I use them every single day, this one especially is a favorite. Black, sleek, elegant, good quality. However, if you can’t or won’t spend the buck no worries! H&M, Gina Tricot, etc. very often carry very similar-looking beautiful bags for a really good price.
As for the dress, I love the lenght. I’m all about that knee-lenght rather than thigh or higher. It’s sexier, sure, but I love the sophisticated look. Again with the fabric waist belt – love, love, love it! I’m all about that waist to hip ratio. It has  a beautiful light lilac colour that’s stunning for warm summer night and the fabric is very light. Usually wouldn’t be good, but perfect for summer as heavy fabric will leave your skin dying for fresh air. It’s once again low-cut, and I’d be tempted to just put on a top under my dress to cover the cleavage/chest area, but if you’re up for the show then flaunt what you got!