Plus Size Outfit Post – How to make winter-fashion girly and light

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t believe in dark and sad colours in winter. I don’t want to wear dark jackets, big black boots, all black everything basically. I do understand people who do thought – it’s easy to style, looks stylish and effortless and it certainly fits the weather but with that said, here’s to all the girly girls out there, who just aren’t into black dominated fashion!

Outfit 1: I paired my slightly boring cardigan in light grey with a light creamy dress with cute detailing on the chest and my lovely Burberry scarf, and light beige shoes from Deichmann (by the way, Deichmann is great on not-dark shoes!) – the only dark aspect of this specific outfit is the leggings and my H&M bag – with a pink puffball as a detail, but unfortunetly didn’t come up in the photo. Bummer!



Outfit 2: A little more pink but also a little darker. This outfit I find great for a date-night. You might not want to be all brights and lights, but you don’t want to sacrifice your love for girly things either – well this in-between is perfect!
The light base is again the top area with a rosy oversize warm sweater, my stable H&M skirt that I’ve had literally for years, a Chanel replica bag, Burberry camel scarf, black leggings and Deichmann shoes again. These shoes really helps the outfit too, as they are dark brown and has an icredible dolly look to them – the heel too is awesome for winter, because it’s thicker than a stilleto – giving you a better balance when you’re making your way through the rain and snow during this time of the year.


Outfit 3: Totally casual, yet totally girly. This outfit works even better with long and curly hair or a nice high bun to really top it off. This I’d wear to anything casual. School, hanging out with girlfriends etc. I wore this back in Hamborg on the hotel when I was just strolling around waiting for my spa-treatment. Light grey jeans from H&M, pale pink shoes from Deichmann and a super cute “school girl”-like white and pink sweater from New Yorker. The shoes have a cute uplifting colour along with yet again really nice detailing, and pulls the simple outfit together in my opinion.



That’s it for this really short post, but I really do love doing fashion and fashion posts, especially  with a girly girl and pink style. Embracing and oozing femininity in my clothing! So there’s lots more to come



xoxo Stine