NEW SERIES – Video Review – Skin Totale Rose Mask

Article-illustration by Magalie F.

Welcome back to my blog AND to a whole new series of mine!

I’ll be making weekly series (hopefully) every monday, where I showcase and review a different mask. I’m an absolute skincare fanatic, and I know some of you guys are too, so this is for you as much as for me! I love experimenting with new masks and the beauty world is creative and invents things constantly, and I really want to try all! So here’s my very first video – yes, video – review down below!

Please don’t mind that I’m super nervous. I suffer from different ticks that I did try as much as I could to edit out, but they do happen when I talk, so forgive me. 
I am not and never have been afraid of being ugly on video, that’s not where my big insecurities are. But I do hate my ticks, and english is of course my second language, so my accent is quite thick – apologies! But never the less, I hope you enjoy this video of the Skin Totale Rose Masks! Watch the video to see what it did for me, if I would repurchase and how many stars I gave it!