My Top 13 Makeup Products Of 2016

Here’s just a little last-of-january makeup post! I’ve decided to share my very favorite products of 2016, and why these products are absolutely fabulous! Here’s my 2016-beauty list: 

Guerlain Meteorites Base Perfecting Pearls 

Why is this an amazing product?
It has no parabens and sulfates which is always a plus to me! Other than that, this gives the most amazing, natural youthful glow. Even perfect for no-makeup days, it just reflects any light incredibly beautiful. It’s an absolute beauty to have sitting on the vanity as well, however you quickly use this up, because you’ll become addicted and it’s a hefty pricetag to restock! But despite that, it still did beat my Smashbox primer.

DIOR Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation 

Why is this an amazing product?

This was with me on the toughest moments. Despite being extremely full coverage it doesn’t mess up my dry skin. It stays for hours and hours on end, it looks airbrushed and beautiful, it’s perfect for photoshoots, it covers EVERYTHING. I was once doing a lingeri-photoshoot and due to weightgain from “#%&€/(# medications I had intense stretchmarks. Like bright red, huge stretchmarks, everywhere visible. I used this badboy and completely covered up all my stretchmarks flawlessly #confidenceboost right there! Only shame is that it’s not avialable for purchase in my country, and it’s heavy chemically smell (which disapperas as soon as you blend it!) And that’s why it made this list, thank you Dior!

KIKO Colour Correction Face Fixing Powder

Why is this an amazing product?

It’s super silky when you touch it (hard to explain – go swatch it!), the colour is pigmented and contrary to other fixing powders I’ve tried this one actually works! I notice a great difference when using this rather than using a transparent og skin-coloured powder. It’s big enough to be able to use the colours individually or swirl your brush around and get an all-over even skintone. I can’t live without this powder, as weird as it sounds! And also again, important to all the dry-skinned gals: it doesn’t cling to dry spots of make you look cakey or cracked.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle

Why is this an amazing product?
The absolute MAC classic. I’ve had this for years and years, and it’s truely been one of my biggest higlighter-troopers. However, as I’m no longer using self-tan like a religious, and I’ve been rocking my pale (like REALLY pale) skin for quite some time now and I like it. So I’ll probably put this on the shelf for awhile and use MAC Lightscapade instead! But this earned the place because it’s incredibly pigmented, lasts forever – both on the face and the product itself, you need so little. It’s just a true classic.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+

Why is this an amazing product?

I feel like everyone and their mother owns or has owned at least one fix+ in their life. I literally shower in this magic daily, makeup or no makeup. It boosts my skin with moisture, sprayed on a brush it intensifies my eyeshadows, it blends together my entire look when I’m done with anything powder-related. It’s my absolute go-to, my must-have, my baby! (And as you can see, I go through pretty fast – there’s hardly any in the bottle, and I’ve already got one to replace)

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Why is this an amazing product?

It helps my makeup stay all day (and night, should I ever go out). It’s a sure staple for the girl who always feels like her makeup just disappears throughout the day, and it’s a lifesaver on days with photoshoot or long working days! And – it smells fabulous. 

CHANEL Illusion D’ombre Eyeshadow 81 Fantasme

Why is this an amazing product?

This has been one of my favorite single eyeshadows. It’s just beyond amazing. It’s a super odd texture, but nothing else compares, it’s the most beautiful stark white colour, that catches any light that may pass it. Always a hit.

a: Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition
b: LORAC Mega Pro 3 Eyeshadow Palette 

Why is this an amazing product?
a: My Huda palette is a stable when it comes to heavy makeup. Photoshoots, going out, parties, etc. The red and pink colours are gorgeous, the textured shadows are amazing and all the matte ones are beautiful and different. Easy to blend, easy to rock, has all the colours you’ll need for the perfect rusty eyelook.
b: My Lorac palette is my everyday go-to. It’s super versetile, very natural and cool-toned and comes with lots of different opportunities, nice big mirror, blends great. Love it!
Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art Liner

Why is this an amazing product?
Lasts all day, doesn’t bleed, waterproof, intensly black, easy to control, perfect small tip – do I need to say more?

Beautyblender liner.designer 

Why is this an amazing product?
Are you ever the busy gal on the run? I know I am, more often than not. Whether I’m running late for school, for parties, for anything really – I’ll be late forever – this saves me so much time. I have hooded lids and eyeliner is a struggle with these small eyelids of mine. However with this it takes a few seconds, and I’m done and out the door with the straightest liner ever. No fuss! Such a simple timesaver, but worth so much to me. Also, ladies another reason to buy this: Unlike tape (which has a similar use) this is sticky but not toxic, unlike tape! And it won’t pull or tuck your skin and lashes when removed. Other than that, it comes with a handy little case (which makes it easier to find in a cosmetics case) and a suction cup – so you can literally – literally do this on the go! Find anywhere a suction cup can stick to, stick it on, open the case that reveals the mirror and do your liner like a pro on the go!

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara 

Why is this an amazing product?
This is my holy-grail. If I want my lashes to be full potential and even more than that, then this is it! Extremely black, makes your lashes full like no other, volume, thickness and intense length. This is my baby for my eyelashes. It also lifts them all the way up to heaven even without a lash curler!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine 51

Why is this an amazing product?
The absolute most lovely colour for a true girly girl. The hint of pink, shining, moisturizing, apricot-smelling, beautifully designet. It’s the luxury item you can always splurge on. It’s natural, yet still longlasting for a shining. I adore the YSL gold packaging and the smell as well. 

DIOR Dior Addict Ultra Gloss 553 Princess

Why is this an amazing product?

This just puts the cherry on top for any pink or nude lipstick. Super shimmery, borderline glitery. Plumps and pulls together my lipstick look every single time. The most beautiful bottle, and a great selection of colours. 


Hope you liked this entry! 


xoxo Stine