My experience with teeth bleaching (LED chemical bleaching)

Hello Dear curious reader!

I recently got my teeth whitened for the first time in my life, and I’d love to share my experience with anyone interested in teeth-whitening and those who even considers it for themselves!

Why did I decide to get my teeth whitened, you may ask? For the same reason I got lip-fillers (which I already shared my experience on here:) because I love improving the way I look! Whether it be my daily routines (exercise, diet, skincare, makeup) or the occasional and experimental cosmetic treatments I get. I’m a person who loves beauty and I have a curious mind – I love trying out new things beauty-wise, that I’ve never done before!

I feel like I need to say this really quickly: With ANY cosmetic procedure you get there’ll be risks. Ask your cosmetologist or whoever is doing your procedure (depending how big it is) about the risks, make sure you go to professional and educated people ALWAYS (this is not a guarantee, but it’ll leave you with less risks). Make sure they use sterilised (or one time only) products and their overall hygiene is topnotch. Run like heck if there’s anything sketchy about the place!

I’ll leave in some before-photos for reference of course. I don’t really feel like I had particulary yellow teeth, but who doesn’t love a wonderfully white Hollywood-smile?

Picture is the before/after that I received from my cosmotoligist. Also, I realise my teeth are very crooked. 3 years of brace sadly didn’t have a chance, when I missed out for a week. Also, my lips got super dry from the treatment as you lay with your mouth open for 45 minutes. Yikes!

One thing to keep in mind before (and after) this treatment: If you’re a smoker, really consider not smoking anymore. Your resultat will not be as good as it could have been because the stains from smoking are really harsh. Second, your resultat will not last as long, because the smoking will quickly re-stain your new teeth. Not worth it!
Also if you’re a tea or coffee-drinker, try to limit your intake as well, as they are huge stainers. I don’t drink coffee or the on the daily but on the rare occasion that I do, I like to wait till my drink is lukewarm (personal preference) and drink it through a straw to limit staining.

IMPORTANT: After the treatment, for the next 10 days your teeth are still getting slightly more white and they’ll still be sensitive due to the active chemicals. You must therefore not smoke, drink the, wine and coffee for 10 days after your teeth-whitening or it’ll seriously affect your result. Keep that in mind! Also limit your curry, beetroot, soy sauce,  and other colourful food intake for 1o days. 

As for the procedure here’s how it’s done (from the view of the client of course). You come in and talk to your cosmotologist about what you expect from your result. You’ll also have to tell her if you’re a coffee-drinker, smoker etc. so she can explain how long and how great you can expect your result to be.

When you’re done consulting her/him, they’ll quickly take a look on your teeth under a bright lamp to expect them. You get orange glasses to protect your eyes from the LED-light and a white ‘thing’ put into your mouth to keep it open and keep your lips away from your gums and teeth. Slighty uncomfortable but not painful at all.

From then on they’ll put a protecting gel on your gums so they won’t get damaged from the bleach nor the lights. This is applied with a tiny dentist needle. It’s then put under light to harden.

She then has a “dentist gun” as I called it (because I do not know the proper name for it – neither in danish nor english) but here’s a photo of it, and it contains the bleach material. She has several of these, increasing in intensity.

She put the LED-light over the mouth and leaves it curing for 15 minutes. Removes the gel with a cotton swap and then re-applies another lighter gel and cures it again for 15 minutes. Removes it once again (for the last time now!) with a cotton swamp and applies the last whitening gel and cures it for another 15 minutes.
The gel is removed, the light, glasses and white lip-seperator is taken away, and you will have to remember to NOT drink the first water you get. You’ll have to use lukewarm or even hot water to wash the rest of your mouth due to the risk of icing in the teeth. Wash throughly and spit it out (do not swallow, it’ll have leftover gel in it!). Alright, you’re done!

The result will be visible right away, and it’ll continue getting slighter noticeibly during the rest of the day because the chemicals are still active. They’ll be less active – but still active! 10 days after as well, hence you must be careful.

This procedure was almost painfree expect I experienced pretty bad icing in my teeth during the last 10 minutes and then the day throughout. I took painkillers twice and the next day there was nothing different to be felt at all.

After my treatment the first thing I did was put on red lipstick. I’ve finally got both the lips and teeth for wearing red lips, so I felt incredibly confident! Here’s the unedited results:

And for good measure, some photos with zero lip product – and I apologize for my breakout. We’re all human! 


So it’ve been well over the past 10 days required. I was promised that during the 10 days, because the chemicals were still active, I’d see even whiter teeth. I can honestly say I’m very disappointed. 
Bummer. A lot of money paid, but my teeth are completely back to normal as before. I feel like I stressed out my teeth, but didn’t get anything from it. 
Again, I don’t feel like they’re overly yellow, because they’re not, they’re normal. But I paid for and wanted to have beautiful white teeth, and I’ll have to wait for at least a year before I can go to any other (NOT were I went this time) place to get teeth bleached again. I’m angry and sad, but I know that these are the risks unfortunately. 

So all in all – this specific treatment og place (not sure which, I will not be able to tell) was not worth my time and money. Stay careful out there!