My current skincare routine (Summer, 2017)

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I wanted to share my current skin-care routine, because I do feel like it’s really working for me. It holds me pimples to a minimal unless they have a dang good reason to break out (hello junk food and stress!) yet makes sure I stay hydrated and with SPF at all times to avoid sun damage, which make cause your skin pigmentation to lighten or darken in certain areas, making your skin tone uneven to look at – and they’re hard to get rid of!

My current routine is simple and quick, and these products are affordable high-end products. I do not want to compromise with my day-to-day skin care! None of this is La Mer or Sisley, but it’s great brands such as Origins, Clarins and more. Do you absolutely need these products too? Not necessarily. But a great skin care routine that works for you is important!

My skin is combination – that means that I’ll have a tendency to get pimples or oily skin in my T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and normal or dry cheeks. I never really have oily skin (unless hello period) but I often have pimples and slightly dry cheeks, so my skin care caters to that.

Step (0): Makeup-Removal & Double-Cleansing

If I wear makeup – which I only do on weekends, I like to double-cleanse. I remove my makeup with coconut oil, which I cannot recommend enough! Even if you’re oily, coconut oil as a makeup remover is amazing. It’s organic, cheap, paraben-free, fragrance-free, removes everything including waterproof mascara and glitter, it will not dry out your skin, you don’t need cotton pads to remove it, it’s not dangerous if you get it in your eyes, it’s better for you in each and every way!

I apply my coconut oil onto my entire face and make sure all the makeup breaks up – I’ll then use my ‘cheap’ cleanse to get rid of all the oil. So the affordable cleanser isn’t for my skin, but purely to get rid of excess oil from the coconut oil. I then go back in with my original, normal cleanser and re-cleanse my face to make sure my skin is oil and dirt-free. For my first cleanser I use the Body Shop Aloe Vera Foaming Wash. I love using foaming cleanser for removing coconut oil and it’s for sensitive skin so that it won’t strip my skin of my natural oil when I double-cleanse, and it’s super affordable (because I do pump generous amounts of this).


Step 1: Cleanser

As you can tell, I’m currently using and loving Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash, and it’s very loved!
I’ve had it before, so this is a repurchase, because it doesn’t fail me. It removes dirt and oil and makes my skin feel incredibly clean. It’s specifically made for combination skin, so while it leaves your skin feeling super clean, it’s not drying whatsoever. As you can tell from the photo it’s almost empty. However I don’t like to use it up and immediately repurchase, I like to give my skin a little break from the same products, so I’ll be purchasing and using up another cleanser before I go back to this one again.

Step 2: Skin Tonic

My current skin tonic is from Body Shop – I do not particularly love it, but I don’t hate it, so I’m not giving out away or decluttering it. My goal is to use it up. Before my current I used the Origins Ginzing Treatment Lotion Mist (I love spray-bottle toners) and loved it! But I have so many toners stocked up that I won’t repurchase before I’ve used some of the other ones.

Skintonic however is used after your cleanser to close your pores, and it’s also amazing if you’re a heavy makeup user, to make sure that every inch og makeup is really gone. It feels super refreshing too! Closing the pores are a great way of avoiding pimples.

Step 3: Spot-Treatment

I spot-treat pimples with my Origins Super Spot Remover Gel. This is a Heaven-sent product. It kills any gross pimple in 1-2 days. The main ingredient is salicylic acid, which dries out pimples and is disinfecting. It’s important to note that it’s not an all-over product, ONLY use it for problem areas. I apply the product on a Q-tip and apply to my pimples. Do not use your fingers, because they’re always dirty. By using a Q-tip you avoid spreading the bacteria to the rest of your face, and it’s easier to apply with no mess. Leave the gel on – don’t wipe it off.

Step 3:  Eye-cream

Using the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, I feel like I’ve found my perfect eye-cream. It soaks in super quickly, yet makes your eye area feel rich, hydrated and good. It’s not too thick or too thin (a very usual issue for me), has great ingredients and I can actually see that it works. I use this day and night, and might never stop! #addicted

When looking for an eye cream, first go ahead and look at your eye area. What’s your problem? Dark circles haunting you? Are the first wrinkles coming through? Are they red or irritated? Or do you simply not want to forget about your eyes, and make sure you’re perfectly hydrated? Whatever it is, make sure your eye cream works towards your goal – you’ll never get rid of your dark eye circles if you’re using an anti-age eye cream. Don’t choose the first or the cheapest option when it comes to eye cream! Also, something I cannot stress enough – there should never. Ever. Be perfume in your eye cream, ever in a million years. No fragrance so close to the eye nor in the most sensitive skin area on your face!

Step 4: Moisturizer with SPF – DAY TIME

This step is for day-time only. Always use a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or more, but never less. Sun is the number one thing that’ll really age you. In fact the best anti-age cream is SPF! With SPF 15 you’ll still be able to tan through the summer but avoid the damage.

I’m loving this for summer because it’s so light and lovely. It quickly absorbs into the skin, it leaves no odd residue, it has a nice, fresh scent, the bottle is very hygienic, and the moisture it provides last me the whole day.

Step 5: Serum – NIGHT TIME

This is my current go-to. Now I do not apply a night moisturizer on top of these as I usually would because this is so super concentrated and hydration that it’s unnecessary, in fact it’ll be too thick and clog my pores. It has the consistency of a slightly thin cream, and it immediately makes you hydrated, soaks in fast and feels nice. It’s a detoxing anti-age cream, and I love using it. If it’s been a dry or rough day I’ll sometimes get lines in my skin, and they’ll be gone by the time I wake up when I wear this serum. And just like my moisturizer it’s in a lovely hygienic bottle.

Your skin regenerates in the night so find your perfect night moisturizer/serum by looking for something that doesn’t clog your pores but has collagen or other anti-age ingredients. As we age, our natural level of collagen in our skin decreases, and it’ll worsen with too little sleep. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours at night (6 is not enough!). Your night skincare should penetrate the skin and give it everything it needs to rebuild throughout the night.

Now I feel like it’s important to say you can’t only cleanse your way to good skin. It’ll change through your entire life, and you experience different skintypes as you go through life. You may be oily in your teens, combination in your adult life and dry as an elder.

Change your skincare when your skin changes, and follow it.

And remember that you need to always take your situation in consideration: Are you stressed? On medication? Pregnant? on your period? Eating right and exercising? Weather-change? Do you touch your face a lot, maybe even just from habit? Ae you allergic to something you might not know about?

All these things and age, of course, are things you should take into consideration. The environment, your mood, period and pregnancies cause hormones to act up. This doesn’t mean your skin is changing for good, but that your body reacts to whatever is going on, and that might cause unclear skin or dryness. As do junk food and fatty foods and touching the face with dirty hands. If you’re allergic you might feel dry, tight or even quite blushed and red – always consult your doctor – do not self-diagnose an unknown allergy.

A healthy diet, regular excercise, 2Litres of water daily, protection from the sun – and a big smile. All those factors will do you good in your goal to reach lovely skin!


Hope you enjoyed this entry.