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#3 MWM – How I maintain my appearance for photoshoots (Pre and post-shoot beauty) 2/3 HAIRCARE



Photo by: Lars Bertelsen

From natures hand my hair is already very thick. It’s currently semi-long and naturally slightly wavy and textured. My maintenance-work lays in keeping it long and healthy. If you hair is thin, try to learn to love it – and learn how to work it! Lots of things look awesome with thin hair, such as specific water-shoots that makes sure the hair is close to the head (this is tough for thick hair), it’ll tangle less and windmachines will have to do less work to make your hair fly. For thick and heavy hair like mine, my eyes often water, because in order to have the wind blow through my hair a lot of power is needed. So use what Mother Nature gave you and work it!

On the photos provided in this post is my hair in it’s natural hair – no extra products, just my normal maintenance-routine, which unlike my skin-care, is quite simple!

On the day of your shoot the only “beauty” you’ll want to do is shower, do your hair in whatever way recommended or planned for the shoot (unless a hairstylist is provided), very light makeup (no foundation until you reach your shoot destination! – again only if a makeupartist is not provided. Otherwise no makeup!), brush your teeth, clean your nails and get out there and shine!

Hair-care is important throughout your daily beauty-basis. 
As for me personally, to keep my hair as healthy as possible I only wash it once a week, and that’s always 1 or 2 days before a shoot.
never blowdry or use heating tools on my hair unless absolutely necessary – a couple of times a year, I may use it.
Other than that, when I wash my hair I use trusted products only. Actually only drugstore products, but I have to be honest – I hate my hair  due to it’s immense thickness (go to h*ll tangles and hot summers!) and I would never spend very much on it, because it’ll be way too expensive. My hair is semi-long and on top of that incredible thick. It’s a blessing in disguise, because it looks amazing on most shoots with naturally big hair, but I hate it. I can’t fix it in any way, and I get it thinned out a couple of times a year but it only lasts for a few months. Summer is downright terrible with thick hair! Now, enough with the complaining – that’ll get me nowhere. 

Back to the topic, hair-care. Once a week, every week I use the Head&Shoulders Shampoo AND afterwards the Bedhead Colour Goddess Shampoo. Yes, I double-cleanse/rinse and repeat, but I just use two different shampoos. The first one to really clean out all the dirt and grease that comes after a week, and the second first of all – because it smells like freaking caramel – how amazing is that? And because it cleanses nicely. I know it’s for dyed hair, but it still works wonders for me, though I no longer dye it.

Photo by: Egon Hye

After that, conditioner. I use my very trusty Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner. This stuff is amazing, smells amazing, works amazing and gives me the softest hair in the world. I trust it with my life!

As for hairmask, I use it every now and then when my hair is in need. The normal state of my hair is quite healthy, but things like heat (if I do decide to use tools for a shoot on a rare, rare basis), saltwater, poolwater, sun-exposure (which as of recently has been all 3, hello vacation!), dry winters, etc etc. will all do my hair no good.
I’ll then go for my only semi-ish expensive hairmask John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Hairmask. 

What I do instead to keep up as well, now that I don’t break the bank with my day-to-day products is a make sure to visit a hairdresser rather often. I’ll make sure to have it cut every so often because I cannot stand split ends! And to make it less thick, so that I won’t have to use as much shampoo/conditioner, my scalp can breathe better and it’s easier to style when necessary.
I never dye my hair at home because the result is hardly ever as expected – to be very honest, I’m really just not any good with hair and I’ve never been. I can’t even braid! My daily hairstyle is a bun or a ponytail to keep the hair away from my neck, shoulder and face, which I absolutely can’t stand. I also used to have bangs, but grew them out for the very same reason – to be able to get it off my face. Dirty and greasy hair may also cause pimples, so if you have bangs, be wary!

Now, I’ve recently stopped dying my hair to save it from the damage. When or if you’re in a model-mangement you may refrain from dying your hair crazy colours or even just a different colour unless you’ve consulted your mangement. Your appereance is your selling point, and if a customer needs a beautiful redhead, you’ll lose the job if  you just dyed it black. If you’re working freelance you’re far more free to edit and alter your appereance as you like, but be wary still – you may lose or gain customers depending on what you do and what they want. But don’t beat yourself up, you’ll never fulfill everything! Just make sure to not have roots – that will always look very unkept, no matter what haircolour you have.

I also love getting Olaplex treatments or other haircare treatments at my hairdresser. Trust me, it’s worth the money!

I’ll put in some photos for the girls out there like me: Thick-haired and heavy tangles. Don’t be discouraged. Use it to your advantages. As for on the daily I do and probably always will hate my hair. It’s just annoying, plain and simple. But I’ve learned to love it on shoots, take a look:

The 3 photos are from Antony Roberts. 

Natural hair, don’t care. Work what you got!