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#2 MWM – “You’re a model?!” FAQ

Hello there!

This is a continuation of my last MWM (model with me) post here:


This time, I will answer the most common questions I get, when I tell people I model in my freetime: 


Q: Why do you model?

A: It’s simple. Because I love it! To me, this is a hobby, just like other people are passionate about football or horse-riding, or… whatever, really! 


Q: Do you earn money being a model?

A: The modelling business is tough, and for 2,5 years I made no money. However as of recently, I am! I am however still shooting TFP photos on the regular, again for the fun of it and to build my portfolio.


Q: What’s TFP

A: TFP means “time for portfolio”, and basically means that both the model and the photographer are doing the shoot for ‘free’ to use it equally in their portfolios. This is very commonly used to build your portfolio or if you’re strictly only photographing on hobby-basis. 


Q: How long have you been modelling? 

A: Around 2,5 years by now (2017). 


Q: Can you model when you’re big/plus-size/curvy? 

A: This usually does offend me a little bit but – yes, of course you can. If you are photogenic then you’ll surely make it as a plus-size model! 


Q: What sort of pictures do you do? (I mention implied nude, boudoir, lingeri among others) Aren’t you nervous/uncomfortable/scared when you’re in lingeri/naked with a photographer? 

A: No I am not. I know what my body looks like, and all the photographers I’ve ever shot with have been incredibly professional. I always, always bring my boyfriend to all shoots, no matter what, and so should any new models starting out – there are freaks out there, and you’ll have to make sure you stay safe.

Photo by Silkeborg-foto

Q: Can I come with you when you’re shooting? 

A: Surely would be fun, but no. It’s unprofessional, and I’m not there to bring each and every person who’s just interested in seeing what it’s like, and I only bring my boyfriend for assistance and protection (and because he’s my main-transportation lol). I started from the bottom, knowing no one in the industry, and you’ll have to do the same if you have a genuine interest in it. It’s actually fairly easy; I’ve gotten most of my connections just from facebook!


Q: What do you want to do with all these photos/your portfolio?

A: I’m not yet sure what to do, to be honest. I take my hobby very seriously, but I also know that, that’s all it’ll ever be – a hobby. I guess I’ll just enjoy doing what I do and see what opportunities comes. 


Q: Isn’t it easy to model? 

A: It’s absolutely NOT. It’s hard, it’s early hours and many, many hours in front of bright lights and being focused on everything your body and face does. Whenever I return from a photoshoot it almost feels like a workout. I’m tired and worn out, but very happy with the work done. It’s a lot more time-consuming than people think, and whenever I plan a shoot I make sure I have no other deals or dates that day, just in case. When 100 photos have been taken, there might just only be 1 photo that turns out perfect. 


Q: How much money do you make from a paid shoot? 

A: As of now I set my own prices – and they are very low, I’ll admit. But I’m just starting out, and I’ll slowly increase my hourly pay as I get better. 


Q: Where are all your photos/your portfolio? Can I see your modelling photos? 

A: Yup! They are on my Facebook page right here:


These are the most common ones I get asked, the first two questions being the ones asked the very most – almost to the point of exhausting from explaining so many times over and over. People usually get very excited and ask a lot of question, and I don’t mind at all, but it’s just much easier to be able to refer them to this FAQ – when that’s been read, I’m more than happy to answer any other questions! 


All photos in this blog-post are by silkeborg-foto / Preben Hansen.