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#1 MWM (Model With Me) – A modelling series – What is it?

Welcome to my blog!

Long story short – I’ve been modelling as a plus size amateur model for the past over 2,5 years. I’ve mainly been modelling for “free” aka TFP (time for portfolio – I will explain this later). It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve learned so, so much and met so many talented and inspiring photographers who have a great passion for their hobby!

I started off young and innocently as a 18-19 year old. What exactly could I do? Just about nothing, modelling-wise. I barely managed to send the camera a smile when asked to. I’m now 21, turning 22 and I try as much as possible to work completely on my own, poses, expression and all with little to no help from the photographer. Freestyling, if you will.

To show you some of my progress, I’ll show you some photos from when I first started, to when I kinda got the hang out it, to now;

Photo credit:© Lorens Petersen Fotografi Aabenraa

Looks good, eh? NO.

And I’ll tell you why: My shoulders are raised so high, they just might reach heaven. My hands are cramping nervously and uncomfortably around my arms – almost like I’m trying to squeeze myself. The smile is plastered on and is in no way sincere. The head is too low, meaning there’s not enough visible neck and the eyes looks cat-eye’ish. An awkward leg is sticking out with no meaning, and my whole upper body is posed uneven. 

Who’s to blame for this? Me, and entirely me. This was my very first shoot. I was nervous, I was new, I knew nothing. I wish I had though, because I surely saw myself as having potential (now, that is. By that time I had no confidence). I had no clue about posing, facial expression, styling or just purely how to enjoy being on a photoshoot. How would I? 


Now, I go on, get smarter and improve and about 6 months later it looks more like this: 

Photo-credit: / Jens Hansen

Much better – I’ve improved my facial expression and sort of working on getting this whole “modelling face” through – slightly open mouth, no particular expression on the face, and I’ve managed to lift my neck more often in photos. However, the photographer still has to guide me through everything I do, and do absolutely nothing by myself. I’m being told what to do for every single shot, and that’s exhausting for any photographer – your goal is to be able to snap photos and for the model to work herself, which I couldn’t do just yet. 


Fast forward another 6 months, making it my one year modelling anniversary it looks a lot better; 

Photocredit: Daniel Hollister Photography

Photo-credit: Robert Drobek Photography

Photo-credit: Javefoto 

The photographers still tell me what to do and how to pose, but they no longer dictate my facial expressions as much. I grow a lot with my face posing, but I struggle greatly with natural and pretty hand-posing – I kinda still do. But my smiles are sincere, my neck is higher and I just all together stand taller – I’m slowly becoming more confident with pictures and grow to really love it! 


I go to a ton of photoshoots, meet tons of people and I practise – oh boy, do I practise – and prepare for each and every shoot to get better and better. And as of most recently, I’m making boudoir, lingeri, implied nude, portraits, fashion and much more, with much more ease than back in 2014/15. 

Photo-credit: Antony Roberts Photography

Photo-credit: Daniel Munk Photography

Photo-credit: Anders Nielsen Photography

Photo-credit: Bo Christensen

Photo-credit: Preben Hansen / silkeborg-foto


I’m finally posing by myself. I’m using hand-poses frequently, I raise my neck, and have a ton of small tips and tricks to look slimmer, better and more beautiful on photos. I learn what’s flattering for a plus-size girl – and what’s not. I learn to work with my face, only from being told to put on a specific mood (dreamy, angry, happy, etc.).By now I even come up with ideas myself, and constantly try new things. I’ve started having way more fun with it recently too – but it’s also a lot harder! 


I’m proud of the progess I’ve made. I’m feeling really lucky for all the opportunities that have come my way. And furthermore I am finally also making money of my modelling. And that’s why I decided to share everything model with all of you, who are interested! I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks, what to do and not to on a shoot, what to pack, how to prepare before and after a set, how to make contacts, how to improve your modelling and much more. 

My next post will be a FAQ, about the things people first ask me when I tell them I model as a hobby – and a part-time job.