Hello people! ♡

I wanted to make a quick outfit post on some cute outfits to wear for the up-coming spring! I’m so incredibly excited for summer, but again, aren’t we all? I love spring-time too, though, and I love how I no longer have to hide in huge sweaters, boots and jackets. Don’t get me wrong, I have some super cute winter-wear, but it’s so annoying to be freezing all the time and having to remove/put on 500 layers of clothing every single time you go in or outside. 

But today I’ll show you 3 outfits, all of which are very girly and very pink – just basically very me! 

They’re all kinda different, yet I wanted to make some staples all the way through: no pants or trousers, no black and dark colours. 

Now let’s zoom in on the individual outfits! 


My first outfit is sorta schoolgirlish, however that wasn’t intended, I just noticed after taking the photos. I’d easily wear this for normal everyday-use, school, shopping, strolling around. This outfit is almost entirely pink and white/beige. I’m wearing:
– New Yorker Striped Sweater
– New Yorker Heart Skirt 
– Ted Baker Ballerinas 
– Michael Kors Shoulder Bag



This outfit is a lot more sexy in my opinion. Skip the heels, and this would be more appropriate for day-time wear, but I’d wear this out to clubbing, visiting a bar or generally stick to using it in the evening, due to the heels and short skirt that has a tight fit. However I’ve used this countless times during the day, wearing leggings under my skirt and wearing flat shoes. I paired the whole outfit with my spring-jacket. I’m wearing:
– Ralph Lauren Pink Blouse
– Gina Tricot Checkered Skirt  
– Deichmann Beige Mary-Janes
– ASOS Beige Jacket



This and the first outfit are my personal favorites! This outfit is a classic for me, and I’ve worn the dress on more than one occasion and I actually wear it all year around. It’s super girly and cute, yet it actually only contains my jacket as the only pink item. I’m wearing: 
– Gina Tricot Beige Hat
– H&M Pink Jacket 
– H&M Cream Dress 
– Michael Kors Flats


I’m a size 18 and I’m not afraid to still wear very feminine clothing. If you’re struggling to find clothing, I suggest ASOS. They’re an amazing website full of clothing with an entire “Curvy and Plus size” line that has the most beautiful clothing, that’s not granny-like at all. I’ve recently purchased 3 dresses from them, and both my winter and spring jacket is from ASOS. I love them dearly. It’s the only place I can find both cute and big clothing for my style, with a decent price, great shipping and tax-free! (Looking at you, beautiful american clothing stores). 


I hope you enjoy my girly outfits, I find these so fun and inspiring to make and watch, so I’ll try to make more in the near future. Happy spring-time, girlies! ♡