Review: Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette – Rose Gold Edition

I decided to make a review on the first ever palette that Huda Beauty form Youtube made. She’s made several liquid lipsticks, eyelashes and more of which I haven’t tried, but I had to get my hands on her palette because of two things:

  1. It’s an eyeshadow palette, I can. not. get. enough!
  2. It’s rosegold! As a self-proclaimed ultimatively girly girl I love rosegold and pink!



It’s a down right beauty to look at – the colours are amazingly gorgeous. They swatch beautifully! I want to make this review short however, so I’m gonna go over the basics, the positive and the negative.


  • The colours are pigmented and easily blendable’
  • There’s a ton of matte colours
  • They are very longlasting
  • They are girly and not powdery


  • The packging is not anything special
  • It’s a little pricey
  • You cannot use the textured shadows with a brush – such a big negative for the long-nail’ed ladies!

The textured shadows are super special with good and bad. I hated that I couldn’t get a brush in there without screwing it up, even with MAC fix+, only with fingers, which sucks when your nails are really long. But applied with fingers it’s beautiful and pigmented – actually just as pigmented as a loose pigment eyeshadow, however not the same texture at all.

I was amazed by the blend-ability of the palette. You can build the pigment of the matte eyeshadows and continue to blend again and again. The black is super pigmented yet keeps being easy to work with on the eyelid. It’s honestly my new favorite black matte shadow in my opinion. I’ll be screwed when I run out.


Close-up of the shadows


Who is this palette for: The girl or guy who has a love for pink shadows with lovely blending and has the money to spend on it. Or the guy or gal that’s in love with the current red-shadow/brick-shadow, glitter and/or fall and winter trends – or simply those who adore Huda as much as I do!

If people want either longer and more in-depth review or shorter straight-to-the-point reviews feel free to tell me so.!

xoxo Stine