Berlin Trip Day 3 + 4

Hi guys.

I deeply apologize for being so late on making new blogpost, but I literally hardly have a day to spare to write my blogposts. I’m sitting here on my sunday, after using the day to paint my old apartment, having half an hour before getting ready to go out with my beloved boyfriend. Sigh – I’m so tired! Weekend after weekend, day after day, week by week, I’ve been busy with shoots, moving, keeping up with socialising with my longdistance friends so on and so forth. I love being busy, but it leaves me little time to blog!


Anyways, I’m done blabbering. Here’s my blogpost about my 3rd day in Berlin!

The third day was basically one thing: eating and shopping. 
We went to a ton of stores, and I mainly went nuts inside of LUSH, coming out with a huge and heavy bag. Other than that I went to some of my favorite stores; H&M, Gina Tricot, Douglas, MAC, etc. I returned to the hotel with tired feet, tired arms and empty wallet! #noregrets


Stay tuned on my Youtube – I’ve made a haul of everything I bought in Germany! Watch it here:
I will be making a seperate video of all the LUSH items as soon as possible.


So far I’ve tried one. I couldn’t not do it, having a bath in the hotel room, so I sacrificed “Intergalactic” bathbomb, and I am officially in love. It’s bright blue and glittery, yes glittery! I felt like a mermaid.




In Berlin I also went to Burberry to buy a monogrammed Burberry scarf. I had no luck, so I ordered online through the store. Such a hassle, but I finally do have my monogrammed scarf!


We also visited _ for a short time, just to be all tourist-y (aka my boyfriend really wanted to see this!).


Another cool thing from that day was, that we saw an actual Nivea store. I’ve never in my life seen a store, only with Nivea. I’m not a huge fan of them, but the store was very creatively made, and I found an awesome gift for my grandmother.




Lunch went down at Starbucks with pumpkin spice lattes, sandwhiches, S’mores brownies and people-watching.



We also found a chocolate store, making sculptures out of pure chocolate and waffles. Pretty cool in my opinion! (All chocolate gets a 10 in my opinion though).


We quickly went back to the hotel to change before leaving to have dinner at a delicious italian place.


Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it’s only 200m from the Sheraton Hotel, and it was so delicious.


I had black (squid ink) pasta in truffle creme sauce with shrimps and salmon. Soooo delicious!


For dessert I had a latte and a small italian dessert, which consists of some sort of vanilla cream inside a dough and covered with lots and lots of chocolate. Yes, please!



That’s all for my 3rd and 4th day, hope you guys enjoyed a little look into what I’ve been upto. Untill next time –



xoxo Stine