Berlin Trip Day 1 + 2 – Picture Heavy

I’ve finally come back from my 5 day trip to Berlin, Germany! I’ve had a lot of great memories, and I’d like to share beautiful pictures here on my blog. I’m parting this one up in days, however the entire saturday was basically spend in the car driving 8hours from Denmark to Berlin – only visiting one shop and stopping to charge every now and then (we’re driving an electrical vehicle).

But this will be a long post, so sit down, get a cup of tea and let’s get on with it!


The first day (saturday) we only visited Neumönster which is a gigantic outlet store filled with all kinds of awesome brands such as Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfinger, Uggs, Versace, Porsche, Ralph Lauren and many, many more! It’s also super beautiful, and I want to go back for christmas, as I can only imagine it will be even cozier! (Also it has a huge Starbucks in the middle. Woop!)

I only bought a blouse from Ralph Lauren, and looked at Michael Kors bags and watches and tried to pick out some that I wanted for christmas, but we had a fun little look-around.



We finally arrived at our hotel Sheraton Grand Hotel Esplanade. It was a beautiful 5-star hotel with nice big rooms, simply made, bathtub as per usual, yadda yadda. Get on! We had a view over the city part of Berlin too. Loved the huge window!



So technically going to day two, sunday, we decided to visit the big shopping center called Kaufhaus des Westens/KaDeWe. It was a lot of fun, we walked a lot my boyfriend and I. We basically spend the entire day there, I bought far too much for my own good (and for my budget!) and took photos of the cutest, girliest things I could find, so enjoy!:



I saw these absolutely gorgeous shoes, but I simply couldn’t justify the 5000+ kroner price-tag.. Sigh. Also started drooling when I saw the gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes! Someday, someday!






We decided to have late lunch/early dinner at the store, as the upper floor had an entire gourmet section. We decided to crash at these awesome japanese restuarant, where we could order, then watch our food get prepared and cooked right infront of our eyes! The cook would be in the middle, with the customers surround him. Super entertaining and nice! I had a nice soup with beef, greens and noodles.




Back at the hotel after a looong shopping day I enjoyed my macaroons and we relaxed in our huge bed. Not for long though, as I have the concentration of a hamster and lovingly forced my boyfriend to go to the hotels bar and hangout with a drink, so I ordered a strawberry daiquri, althought I’m not much of an alcoholic drinker, I do like to be a little fancy every now and then.






I won’t make this post any longer. I’ll see you in my next post, so stay tuned for more Berlin! Goodnight!



xoxo Stine